Continuing Education Scholarship Program Requirements

1.       Applicants must meet ALL of the following eligibility requirements:

  1. Must be a current member of a youth league serviced by the Middle Georgia USBC at least three (3) years, or a transferred member who has bowled for three years in USBC Youth and be in good standing.
  2. Must be a 10th, or 11th, or 12th grade high school student, or enrolled in college or a college student the year the scholarship is awarded.
  3. Must furnish a complete transcript as follows: (Can be printed from school web site)

        If in high school, up to date transcript of all grades up to current year school grade you are in. 

        If just started college, complete high school transcript grades 9 12 and an up to date transcript of all college credits earned to date.

        If in college, a complete up to date transcript of all college credits earned to date.

Applicants without transcripts will be ineligible

  1. Must submit completed application form. All blanks must have an entry even if N/A.
  2. Submit a recommendation from each of the following and it needs to be stated in the letter of recommendation which one they are:  Teacher, Counselor/Advisor, Bowling Coach, Local Association Member.
  Applications must be received by the Scholarship Chairperson no later than May 1st  

Scholarship Requirements
Scholarship Application
Scholarship Check List